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Pink Curing Salt 1KG

Pink Curing Salt 1KG

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CURE MEAT AT HOME: Do right by your favorite meats with this 2.5 lb salt pouch of our Wishful Seasoning Pink Curing Salt. Also known as Prague Powder #1, tinted cure, quick cure salt, saltpeter for curing meat, or curing salt #1, our pink salt helps you tenderize and impart flavors to meat and pickles as you preserve them, too.
CURE IT ALL: Perfect for poultry, ham, corned beef, sausage, fish, salami, bacon salt, jerky, and more, our pink curing salt for meat preserves your favorites with the addition of helpful nitrites, which prevent the bad stuff from growing while adding flavor to your food!

HIGH-QUALITY CURING SALT: Regular salt is made from pure sodium chloride, while our pink Prague Powder 1 curing salt is made with 6.25% sodium nitrite, perfect for curing different meats. When it comes to our curing salt tender quick deliciousness is our specialty.

ENJOY FLAVORFUL, TENDER MEAT: Dry curing meat salt doesn’t just extend the shelf life of your favorite meats — it also tenderizes it and provides a rich, enhanced flavor! Combine the seasoning salt with your choice of sugar and spices for a mouthwatering culinary creation you can enjoy again and again.

A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: With our powerful curing salt small amounts are more than enough! We suggest using 1 oz of meat cure salt for every 25 lbs of meat or 1 level teaspoon of tinted curing mix for 5 pounds of meat or fish.

AMAZING VALUE: Our value is unmatched! This 2.5 lb pouch of bulk salt contains enough pink curing salt Prague Powder #1 to cure hundreds of pounds of meat. Our canning salt for meat will likely last you for years to come. Meat curing supplies shopping, check!

SELECT YOUR SIZE: Wishful Seasoning pink rock salt for curing comes in three sizes to match your canning salt and pickling salt needs: this 2.5 lb meat curing salt pouch, our 1.25 lb pink salt dispenser, and our 2.5 lb pink salt jar!

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